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2.0 Product - Multiple Questions

1. Can we incorporate other data points / room attributes into the new tool such as chemical banding? Room EH&S rating? Oxygen depletion room? Etc.

2. If / when we get BACnet native to our system, will we be able to collect any/all building points we desire - similar to a Buildpulse? If this is the case, then in theory, can we become a FDD access tool for those that have Aircuity already and haven't engaged with a FDD company?

a. What / how will this integration occur?

3. Is it the idea that we will take a building trend with the new platform prior to turning on DCV?

a. Will this trend be captured as the Baseline / pre Aircuity flows?


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  • Oct 5 2016
  • Answered
  • Feb 22, 2017

    Admin Response

    1. After the initial release of 2.0 we will be collecting requests for improvements and new features/functionality from partners and clients on an on-going basis. These will be prioritized for development on a quarterly basis. Smaller enhancements and bug fixes will be released as needed.
    2. An embedded (on the IMS) BACnet client is in development for 4Q2017 release. More information will be provided later this year.
    3. It is best practice to capture building trend data before turning on the Aircuity system so that there is a proper baseline available for savings calculations. For now, we will have to obtain the trend data from the BMS.
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